Your Daily FoodScope for May 09, 2024

Sign of Aries You'll have a strong desire to excel today. The smallest projects will be undertaken with the greatest skill and excitement.  


It's never too early to begin vacation preparations. As usual, when choosing a place, you'll let your stomach make the decisions.  


It's funny how everything that comes from Mother Earth is good for you -- well, maybe not bugs. It's even better if it's locally grown. Plan on making a healthy salad tonight with seasonal fare. Carrots, bok choy, asparagus, scallions and mushrooms are just some of this season's fresh choices. 


Today could be as good as having your dinner cooked by none other than Emeril Lagasse himself, and he's making smothered chicken in onions with buttermilk biscuits. But then it'll be as bad as listening to him yell 'BAM' for the next hour and a half. 


You may be working too hard trying to land recruits for your latest fitness regime. Your relentless enthusiasm may actually be turning people off. So take it down a few notches; you can sway them in other ways. 


You know that hard work has its rewards, but sometimes you just don't have the time. So what's the difference if you pop a few frozen beef pot pies into the oven rather than make your own? 


That black cloud over your head could be making you blue. So have a far-out, wacky, koo-koo kind of day, calories be damned! 


When you lock something in your scope, resistance is futile. And so it will be today as you crave something of great desire. Your laser-like focus will zero in on a freshly baked loaf of organic zucchini bread, and you must have it, dammit! 


An impromptu shopping spree is so uncharacteristic; is something eating you? Wanton spending is a wasteful way to indulge your tortured soul; do it through food instead! Something as simple and cheap as a bowl of perfectly buttered popcorn and a weepy movie could be all you need to set you straight. 


Having a positive outlook almost always results in positive outcomes. But you can kick-start your sunny disposition with a lean, mean power breakfast. It could be just a bowl of bran cereal and a cup of yogurt with almonds and cinnamon. 



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