Thick Brush Stroke

You Have A Brain Like Computers If You Can Spot Two B's Among R's In 8 Seconds!

Letters concealed in shapes or other letters are a common kind of optical illusion puzzle.   

Solving these riddles calls for a sharp eye for detail. In addition to challenging our visual perception,   

this activity also uses other cognitive talents, such as pattern recognition and attention to detail.  

Playing with these illusions can train your brain to focus better, switch gears, and find details in seemingly chaotic environments, all while increasing your cognitive flexibility.  

Is your mind prepared for an exciting test? Immerse yourself in this optical illusion and challenge your observational skills.  

Is eight seconds short enough for you to identify them? Here we are not merely testing your visual acuity. Put your brain's processing speed to the test!  

Such visual challenges are generally associated with heightened observational abilities, which research suggests are comparable to the processing efficiency of a powerful computer.  

It's an indication of a quick and perceptive mind that can pick up on information that most people miss. If you do really well here, it can be a sign that your IQ is rising.  


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