You are a puzzle ninja if you can find the lamp in the desert in 7 seconds!

White Frame Corner
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Finding an object in an image while time runs out is the basic idea behind seek-and-find puzzles.  

Engaging in this practice can greatly improve one's ability to focus and pay attention.  

People of all ages like solving these puzzles, since they provide a lighthearted approach to honing cognitive abilities like visual perception and attention to detail.   

Here, you'll be given an image and charged with the task of identifying the concealed object. Y

Those who have seen the image up above will see a desert landscape.  

Tourists atop camels can be made out in the foreground, with the pyramids in the background.  

Tracking down a desert lantern is today's task.  

Only those with keen eyesight will be able to locate the desert lamp in record time.  


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