Women’s sport is soaring, and old-school male sports journalists need to lift their game

 In the sports media, misogyny was prevalent this month, according to X's tweets, Facebook67, LinkedIn, and print sources.  

 Two sports reporters publicly apologized for their coverage of star US basketball players Caitlin Clark ,,, 

 and Angel Reese in the weeks it took them to advance from the NCAA Sweet 16 to the WNBA draft.  

 First, Los Angeles Times reporter Ben Bolch was criticized for calling Reese's LSU team “dirty debutantes” in a since-redacted NCAA championships preview. 

 Kim Mulkey of LSU criticized the article and those who didn't. “If you don’t think that’s sexism, then you’re in denial,” she remarked.  

 LSU coach Kim Mulkey passionately responded to a LA Times article.  

 Bolch apologized and promised to “do better” after the Times retracted the statements.  

 After an improper exchange with WNBA number 1 draft pick Clarke during a news conference,,,

 Relevant to Australia, these issues have occurred before. In this century, The Age columnist Greg Baum observed, “women’s soccer is a joke … women’s cricket is not much better”.  

 Kim Clijsters chastised Todd Woodbridge for sending her a body-image letter, and an Australian Open commentator asked Eugenie Bouchard to give him “a twirl”.  


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