“We Messed Up”: Deion Sanders Shares Bold Truth About Players Who Leave Colorado Program

The transfer of 48 CU Buffs athletes to the portal has been a major topic of discussion around Coach Deion Sanders.   

The startling numbers worsened when rejected student Xavier Smith accused Sanders of neglecting and not giving him a chance before releasing him.   

This exposé has left many questioning Deion Sanders' coaching philosophy. He admitted to rejecting players and his teaching style in his latest interview.  

Coach Deion said on ‘Thee Pre Game Network Show’ that he and his team have always given each player special attention.  

Coach Prime's micromanagement allowed them to customise programmes and sessions for each student to offer them the best chance.  

Sanders said this helped them find and keep the best. Some participants couldn't cooperate or had enough quality following the one-on-one examination. So they left the programme.   

Although the players didn't fit in, Coach Sanders blamed himself and his team. Coach Prime thought he failed because he didn't prepare or train them sufficiently.  

Sanders acknowledged responsibility, but these are guys with huge NIL deals. Some standard is required of them. Due of college football's competitiveness, one can only focus so much on such guys.  


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