Vikings gain $13.4 million in salary cap space

The National Football League does not officially establish the pay cap for the following season until soon before the league year begins in March.   

It generally rises by about 10% every year, but it rose much more in 2024.  

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the salary ceiling will rise by $30 million to $255.4 million, representing an almost 14% increase.   

According to Rapoport, this is because players postponed money during the COVID pandemic and media rights payments increased dramatically.  

Where does this leave the Minnesota Vikings? Well, it is quite simple.   

They now gain approximately $13.4 million in salary cap space above what above The Cap estimated, which was $242 million.   

They are currently projected to have approximately $37,868,132 in cap space. That amount may shift somewhat here and there, but it greatly simplifies free agency.  

This figure is expected to grow in the coming years, which explains why money pushed out into blank years isn't as big a problem as you may assume.  


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