Top 10 Types Of Dangerous Dogs

Pit bull

Pit bulls were the most lethal dog breed, accounting for 66 fatalities during the research. The American Pit Bull Terrier has long been the breed of choice in the very illegal sport of dogfighting.

A fully mature German Shepherd dog can weigh up to 82 pounds and reach about 25 inches tall.  

German Shepherd


Rottweilers are another well-known aggressive dog breed, with 39 fatalities recorded throughout the study period.   

The Husky is a very old breed with a history of being sled dogs, which influences its demand for continual exercise.   


Throughout the investigation, the wolf-dog hybrid was responsible for around 14 fatalities.   

Wolf-Dog Hybrid

Malamutes look quite similar to huskies, but the Malamute is sturdier and has a bigger frame, weighing roughly 85 pounds.   


As one of the most aggressive breeds ever recognized, the Doberman is commonly used as a guard dog.   


The Chow-Chow, which stands roughly 20 inches tall and weighs around 60 pounds, is generally regarded as one of the most dangerous and aggressive breeds, particularly toward strangers.   


The Great Dane is one of the largest canines ever bred, with 7 fatalities reported during the study. They can reach heights of 30 inches and are dangerous to children and small animals.

Great Dane

St. Bernards are normally quiet, although they were responsible for 7 fatalities throughout the study's duration, which was most likely due to their size and stature. 

St. Bernard