Tom Hollander received his Avengers bonus in error.

White Lotus star Tom Hollander recently shared an amusing incident where he received a million-dollar paycheck intended for Spider-Man actor Tom Holland.  

Hollander revealed the mix-up during an interview with Seth Meyers, explaining that their shared agents and confused accountants led to the accidental payment.  

The actor humorously remarked on the difficulty of the situation, joking about being there first but acknowledging Holland's immense fame.  

Hollander discovered the mistake while watching a friend in a play, checking his email during the interval and finding a payslip labeled as "Box office bonus for The Avengers."  

The unexpected seven-figure sum was Holland's first box office bonus, significantly more than Hollander had ever seen, causing his initial smugness to disappear.  

Despite not physically resembling Holland, Hollander often experiences mistaken identity in non-visual contexts, such as dealing with utility companies or meeting excited yet confused children.  

The story resonates with similar instances of celebrities sharing names, as highlighted by physicist Brian Cox and actor Brian Cox, who have faced confusion due to their identical names.  

Such mix-ups are not uncommon in the entertainment industry, showcasing the humorous and unexpected challenges faced by celebrities with similar names. 


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