Think You're Observant? This Missing Heel Puzzle Will Test Your Eagle Eye

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

For ages, people have been enthralled and baffled by seek-and-find puzzles.   

Incredible as it may seem, these pictures show us how our brains process visual data in ways that defy our expectations.   

A concealed heel in the middle of a frenzied scene from a major sale is the object of one such fascinating seek-and-find problem presented in this article.   

Seek and Find puzzles take advantage of a number of physiological and psychological aspects,  

such as our visual perception of patterns, colors, and forms and our cognitive bias toward inference and missing-value filling.   

So, are you up to the challenge? In just nine seconds, can you find the hidden heel in this jumbled scene?   

View the image below and see how good an observer you are. Best of luck!   

Look for visual irregularities: The heel may stick out because it deviates from other objects and people.  


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