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These Ultra-Rare Electric Supercars Were Designed For Bruce Wayne

An enduring cultural totem of invention, mystery, and justice, the Batmobile is a sight to behold.   

Crucial to Batman's fight against crime, its streamlined, intimidating appearance conveys power and terror.    

Beyond its practical purpose, the Batmobile reflects the charisma and mystery of Gotham City's most famous investigator.   

The most enigmatic billionaire in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne, has served as the inspiration for a new line of custom electric supercars introduced by Automobili Pininfarina in a partnership that appears straight out of a comic book.   

The partners include Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, DC, and Relevance International.   

Bruce Wayne's legendary exploits with cutting-edge technology served as inspiration for two new models introduced by Pininfarina   

the B95 hyper Barchetta and the Battista hyper GT. These luxurious supercars aren't like the ones you see on the street.    

If Bruce Wayne weren't driving the Batmobile while wearing the cape and cowl, this is what the Italian design firms would have him drive.   


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