The Perfect French Omelet

The humble egg can be cooked in countless ways, but there are few that are as effortlessly sophisticated as a French-style omelet.  

This isn't your standard half-moon-shaped platter of hard-boiled eggs loaded with standard omelet contents, such meats and veggies,  

from your local American cafe. A French omelet has a bright yellow color, a delicate texture, and an almost flawless consistency.  

The predominant taste ought to be the egg's flavor. You could add a dash of vivid green herbs and perhaps some chopped vegetables, cheese, or meat,  

adding more than that will make the dish taste unappealing and worse, take attention away from the main element.  

The secret to making the ideal French omelet is to cook it so that the outside is smooth and free of air bubbles, browned flecks, and uneven egg layers.  

This feat requires two hands to complete: One person uses a spatula to gently whisk the egg as it heats up to make tiny curds, while the other person lightly shakes the pan by shaking it over the flame to distribute the egg  

, you can keep the spatula still inside the pan and use the pan's shaking movement to help scramble the eggs. The main goal is to shimmy a thin layer of egg all across the pan's surface. 

a bit like a rolled crêpe -- revealing your handiwork. Don't worry if it takes a few omelets to master this technique; the homework is delicious. 


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