Your Love Horoscope for May, According to Princess Diana's Former Astrologer: ‘Make Rapid Connections'

 But maverick Uranus can bring a plot twist to your love story. The 23rd full moon falls in Sagittarius, a hyperactive, pleasure-seeking sign, so expect “extra” interactions.     


 Mars in Aries till May increases your aura's chemical attractiveness. You're also impatient to “make things happen”—including advance in a relationship.  

 A new moon in Taurus on the 7th will make you think about ways to be happier and spend more time with loved ones.  


 If you've been waiting for love life wonderful news, here it is! On the 20th, Gemini season begins, while Venus enters your sign on the 23rd.   


 The joys of life are in your destiny this month and are flowing through your companionship. Friends, family, and loved ones will boost your happiness significantly.   


 You want to show off or change your image this month. Leo, shine and you'll attract the attention and praise you need. Your love can flare during weddings, parties, events .


 Ever the planner, you want to plan the future with your loved ones.  Gathering people for gatherings and activities is important, but circuit-breaker Uranus may upset you on the 13th and 18th.   


 The 8th new moon in Libra is a great time to connect, so call it and have a chat. You shouldn't assume everything is on your terms in May, even when generosity is around.    


 Scorpio always enjoys May, but generous Jupiter joins the Sun and Venus in your relationship aspect this year.  


 The Sagittarius full moon on the 23rd has a joyful crescendo. This Strawberry Moon erupts with color and flavor in your enjoyment. Your expressiveness and outgoingness peak.  


 son illuminates your best sky angle, but the first three weeks of May are also great. Burning old or new flames on the 13th throws sparks.   


 May brings personal changes. So expect big changes in the house, family, or other areas that foster closeness. As an Aquarian, you love adventure, and May's stars support you.  


 This month, finding your voice and saying what's on your mind are crucial. Once you “get it out there,” loved ones will be relieved and things can move ahead  



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