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The Clippers are interested in retaining Paul George, James Harden, and Kawhi Leonard.

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PLAYA VISTA— The LA Clippers hope to move into the Intuit Dome next season with Paul George and James Harden.  

Lawrence Frank, president of basketball operations, said the Clippers want both stars to play with Kawhi Leonard.  

George has a player option on the $48.8 million due next season and may become a free agency if he and the Clippers cancel his pact before June 30. Harden will be free.  

The Clippers point guard may wait to see what happens with George before deciding his future.  

We'd like to bring back and retain Paul and James,” Frank said Monday.   

"We hope we can, but we respect their free agency. His option is up to Paul. James will be an unrestricted free agent, therefore we want to bring him back, but exceptional players have options."  

George may sign a four-year, $221 million deal until June 30. If George becomes a free agent, the Clippers can give that much. Other suitors can give $9 million less than the Clippers.  

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George was hopeful that he and the Clippers could reach an extension after Leonard inked a three-year, $150-million pact in early January. However, Frank said the two parties suspended talks during the All-Star break.  


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