The Best Chocolate Cakes for Vegans  

For some reason, every time I receive a vegan slice of cake (whether from Whole Foods or elsewhere), I am dissatisfied. The icing is usually delicious, but the cake is either 1. weird taste or 2. extremely dry, with no moisture at all.   

I agree to receive emails and tailored adverts. I've also tried a couple vegan chocolate cake recipes, but they weren't moist enough or right for my tastes. So I did some thinking and trying and came up with the greatest, most moist, and delicious vegan chocolate cake recipe! 

vegan chocolate cake with a slice cut out   The frosting is a delicious, ultra-rich chocolate buttercream. I recommend Earth Balance vegan buttery sticks; I haven't found another brand that tastes as delicious. 

If you're searching for something lighter, try this Chocolate Cake with Cashew Vanilla Frosting. This Chocolate Cake is anything but "light"! It is a completely sumptuous recipe.   

Mix vegan chocolate frosting in a bowl with a whisk.   What's the secret to making a really moist vegan chocolate cake? A few ingredients contribute to the cake's moistness. The applesauce helps (don't worry, you won't taste it).  

When you add the batter, it will appear runny, but this is perfectly normal and expected. It produces the most moist, delectable chocolate cake I've ever had!  

Close-up of vegan chocolate cake with frosting.   If you're wanting chocolate right now or are new to veganism and miss nice taste cake, try this recipe! It's simple to create and difficult to mess up. 

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