Statement on Big Ja Morant Revealed by the NBA

The Memphis Commercial Appeal's Damichael Cole reported that NBA Commissioner

Adam Silver gave a promising update on Ja Morant during a recent meeting with reporter.

Throughout the season, Silver and the athlete have kept in touch, but what's more crucial is that they work with the players' association t

to have regular check-ins with the player and his teammates. "Every single report has been quite encouraging.

"His life appears to be improving as a result of working with the team and his personal management,

having a stronger support system around him," Silver continued.

A statement was made by NBA executive vice president Joe Dumars, who added, "This is a young guy that has made some mistakes,

, but I will say this, though: When he came into this office and met with Adam, myself and a couple of more people,

 he owned it," while quoting Cole. 'No, I didn't,' he didn't sit around making excuses. The responsibility was on him, and he took the hit.


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