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Rapper-turned-country singer Jelly Roll on his journey from jail to the biggest stages in the world

He goes by the stage name Jelly Roll and is a former rapper who often sings about his turbulent past.   

His achievement of best new artist was recently recognised by the Country Music Association.   

He received two Grammy Award nominations this year in addition to three No. 1 country singles in 2023. And he is now 39 years old.  

Is the Jelly Roll tale similar to any others? Not at all. "We're definitely on our own island," stated the man.  

The Nashville Metro-Davidson County Detention Facility is one possible origin story for Jelly Roll.   

“This is jail.” he exclaimed as he stepped into his former cell. I hate it. Each and every one I've visited.  

There is a distinction in that the door is currently open. "Yeah, still smells the same though," remarked the man.  

For ten years, beginning when she was fourteen years old, Jelly Roll was incarcerated for various offences, including drug possession, drug peddling,  


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