Randy Travis' Health Issues Changed His Life And Career Forever, Here's What He's Really Doing Now

Randy Travis is one of the most revered names in country music history. The music of Travis,  

a consummate professional who entertained fans all across the globe for decades, has been a part of innumerable fans' lives. 

Given the amount of time Travis spent around the globe to entertain his fans, it appeared for a while that he would never rest. Unfortunately,  

Travis had a medical emergency that sidelined him off the road and drastically altered his life. 

While it's unfortunate that Applegate and Cher have had to deal with such health problems, at least they had a say in how they announced it. A medical emergency caused Randy Travis to lose control, which is unfortunate. 

As his struggles with addiction reached a peak in 2012, Travis endured a period of difficulty. The year was a rough one for the country music icon due to his many arrests and legal issues. 

It was everyone's expectation that Travis would have a breakout year as a singer heading into 2013. Nobody could have predicted that 2013 would be a considerably tougher year for Travis. 

Any one of the many life-threatening health crises that Travis had in July 2013 could have been his demise. Consequently, Travis's life would be irrevocably altered as he spent months in Hollywood. 


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