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Randy Travis AI Song: Who Sang 'Where That Came From'?

James Dupré recorded an early version of "Where That Came From" more than ten years ago.  

As a crucial component of Travis's return, it is now available to the public.  

James Dupré was as astonished as everyone when he heard Randy Travis's AI-assisted singing on Where That Came From for the first time a few weeks ago,  

but not just because it was the country legend's first new song since his 2013 stroke that left him speechless  

Dupré was shocked to realise he was hearing his voice. Dupré tells Rolling Stone, I believed he recorded it years ago and never knew. I was captivated when they informed me about the AI.  

Around 2011, country singer Dupré recorded a demo of the song with Travis's longtime producer Kyle Lehning.   

Nashville legends Scotty Emerick and John Scott Sherrill co-wrote it. Lehning used Dupré's vocal to create Travis's AI-generated voice clone over a decade later.  

“Where That Came From” may be the first artist-sanctioned commercial song to include an AI voice.  


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