Police Say Ja Morant Is ‘Fine’ After Cryptic Post, Report

Ja Morant, a skilled point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, shared a weird video on Instagram on Wednesday morning, which sparked widespread anxiety in the basketball community.  

After a social media video of Morant clutching a gun surfaced, the NBA suspended him for the second time in the last few months.

Morant then shared (and later deleted) a short video in which he conveyed his love for his parents and daughter before saying "goodbye

Morant's ban came after the video was circulated on several social media channels.

According to TMZ, the Shelby County Sheriff's Office conducted a welfare check on Morant. This was because the video elicited enough alarm.

Morant was discovered in his Tennessee house by officers, and according to a department official, he is "fine." 

 TMZ was made aware of this information. According to sources, his letter stated that he intended to take a vacation from utilising social media technologies.

Ja Morant has just received two suspensions, all of which are directly related to Instagram videos revealing his possession of firearms.

It's disappointing to read about the latest incident involving Ja Morant, which resulted in his suspension from basketball events. 

 The absence of circumstances surrounding the incident casts doubt on his future involvement, awaiting additional information.


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