Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movie return is a killer blow to Amazon's The Rings of Power.  

The Hunt for Gollum marks Peter Jackson's return to the Lord of the Rings property, dealing a blow to Amazon's Rings of Power.  

Jackson's role as a producer in The Hunt for Gollum could highlight what The Rings of Power lacks.  

Warner Bros.' upcoming Lord of the Rings film will make it more difficult for The Rings of Power to compete with Jackson's legacy.  

Peter Jackson is returning to The Lord of the Rings with the upcoming film The Hunt for Gollum, and his return is a devastating blow to Amazon's Rings of Power.  

The Rings of Power was the first effort to take audiences back to Middle-earth since Jackson's Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films.  

The Prime Video series has received mixed reactions, and Warner Bros.' promise to produce new Lord of the Rings  

The company is already planning to release The War of Rohirrim later this year, and its newly planned project is even more fascinating.  

Warner Bros. is developing a film called The Hunt for Gollum, which will be released in 2026 (via Variety). Andy Serkis will reprise his role as Gollum  

Jackson's hands-on presence is major news, and the future project's tie to earlier Lord of the Rings films will most likely be a selling factor.  

With that in mind, Jackson's impending LOTR film may be the final nail in The Rings of Power's coffin.  


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