Optical Illusion: Find the hidden cat in the picture in 7 seconds!

Illusion comes from the Latin term illudere, which meaning to mock or trick.   

Our brain fills in the information gaps that the eyes perceive, giving us a sensory sense of our surroundings. It's called perception. 

Optical illusion visuals are intended to deceive human vision and are recognized as one of the most basic tests to measure brain attentiveness. 

Neuroscientists have also utilized optical illusions to investigate how the brain perceives reality.  

It is thought that practicing optical illusion puzzles can assist individuals build superior problem-solving skills and lateral thinking abilities.  

How sharp are your observational skills? Let us find out now! The image provided above depicts a wooded setting. A dog is seen standing next to a tree. 

But the dog isn't alone. There is a cat hidden somewhere in the photo 

The readers' challenge is to find the hidden cat in 7 seconds.   

This assignment will put your observational abilities to the test.


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