Only 1% With Super Vision Can Spot The Frog Among Leaves In 5 Seconds!

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Visual phenomena known as optical illusions cause people to perceive things in a distorted or nonexistent light.  

By playing on our cognitive biases, these optical illusion pictures can trick us into thinking in different ways.  

Patterns and shapes deceive the eye in these optical illusions.  

A variety of optical illusions, such as physiological, geometrical, cognitive, and ambiguous illusions  

test our visual and mental abilities. Every one of these optical illusions tests our eyesight and concentration.  

This picture is an intriguing optical illusion. It resembles a photograph of dried leaves at first sight.   

Hold for a second, a frog lurks amid those leaves as well. Its near-perfect camouflage with the foliage makes it hard to see.  

You have exceptional critical thinking and perspective-taking skills if you can decipher this optical deception  


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