On May 4, 3 Zodiac Signs Increase Strength and Quality of Life  

Curved Dotted Line
Curved Dotted Line

Fearless action and maybe daring situations await on May 4.  

This may seem intimidating, yet some of us can do something completely different, possibly harmful.   

Don't assume that means you should jeopardise your life. However, an Aries Moon conjunct Mars may feel risky for three zodiac signs.  

Saturday comprises community events and outdoor activities.  

This sociable day will bring forth our best. Aries Moons require us to watch our step for 'danger'. When Aries Moon conjunct Mars, we feel powerful.  

Leo, you'll be in your element this Saturday, which means you'll be brave, strong, and virtuous. The Aries Moon conjunct Mars transit is about strength, but we're not fighting or utilising our power for evil. We help, and you're a hero.  

1. Leo

You're fearless on Saturday with Aries Moon conjunct Mars. Much of it comes from self-confidence and a desire to do the right thing for others. If your love partner and others see you as pleasant and helpful, that's fine.  

2. Scorpio

You may easily switch from slothful resistive to bold fighter since you're not committed to any one approach. However, transits like Aries Moon conjunct Mars tend to make you brave and courageous.   

3. Aquariu


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