On May 3, 3 Zodiac Signs' Horoscopes Improve.

Curved Dotted Line
Curved Dotted Line

Friday, May 3, may be difficult. We're not struggling, but we have our hearts set on something that may not happen.  

Because the transit Moon conjunct Saturn affects vision and dreams, this is love-related.  

Three zodiac signs may have low hopes today.   

Ack! Nobody likes it, but losing faith in one thing may lead us to trust another.   

We've romanticised the impossible, like falling in love with someone who hardly knows us or believing love will'save' us.  

While your lifestyle has worked for you, much of what drives you is a hidden fantasy. Though you know it's impossible, you believe your wish will come true.   

1. Sagittariu

You know you don't like being criticised for your beliefs, and it just so happens that you know they'll never happen in your life. The person you've had a crush on for aeons is involved, Aquarius. 

2. Aquariu

You've been romanticising the impossibility for a while now, which is code for holding onto something for the sake of "having something to do" for a while. On May 3, you come to the realisation that it might be time to part ways.   

3. Pisce


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