NFL Quarterback Mount Rushmore: Dan Marino Chooses  

Dan Marino is regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in football history. So, ahead of Super Bowl LVIII, the Pro Football Hall of Famer spoke with Sports Illustrated about some of his contemporaries and ranked his all-time favorite quarterbacks.

When asked to name his Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks—or, in other words, the four greatest quarterbacks in NFL history 

the former Miami Dolphins signal-caller cheated slightly by praising his former rivals.   

"To me, [Joe] Montana and [John] Elway, Jim Kelly—those guys, all those men," stated Marino. "   

Marino refused to name himself as the fourth person on the list, noting that someone else would have to do so. However, he admitted that he believed he could compete with those quarterbacks.   

Marino suggested two names for the fourth and final Mount Rushmore location.   

"Patrick Mahomes, he's going to be considered one of the best ever, too," he said. "You've got Tom Brady, and a lot of others. So there's a lot to choose from.  

Montana, Elway, Kelly, and either Mahomes or Brady. That is not a horrible quarterback statue.  


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