NBA News: Patrick Beverley gets big suspension

The NBA eventually decided on Patrick Beverley's behavior in the Milwaukee Bucks-Indiana Pacers playoff series.  

Patrick Beverley was penalized four games by the NBA for throwing a basketball twice at Gainbridge Fieldhouse fans in the front rows. Game 6 between the Milwaukee Bucks and Indiana Pacers was the event.  

“I'll improve. I must and will improve. It should never have happened. No matter what was said, that should never have happened. As simple as that.”  

Fans insulted Beverley and told him to start his vacation in the fourth quarter of the Bucks-Pacers game. The athlete lost his rage and hurled the basketball at them.  

After hitting a fan in the head with his first throw, Patrick Beverley nearly hit a female in the front row near the court with his second throw.  

Patrick Beverley received a four-game suspension for the fan confrontation and how he addressed producer Malinda Adams in the post-game interview.  

Beverley pushed Adams away when she asked a question, saying she wasn't subscribed to his program. Only when Malinda left did the player resume the press conference.  

Patrick Beverley will become an unrestricted free agency next season, and his behavior might complicate issues for any team considering keeping him.  


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