Miley Cyrus is officially a Grammy winner, and the Internet can’t keep calm

At the Grammy Awards in 2024, Mariah Carey presented Miley Cyrus with her very first Grammy prize, and the audience couldn't help but express their happiness on Instagram. Take a look at how people responded. 

Miley Cyrus has been honored with not one but two Grammy Awards, and the audience on X is rejoicing over her significant achievement.  

'Flowers' was the song that the artist won for both the category of Best Pop Solo Performance and the category of Record of the Year. 

The first award that Miley Cyrus received was presented to her by Mariah Carey while she was wearing a black dress.  

Having spent nearly twenty years working in the music industry, she stated in her statement how significant it is for her to earn her first Grammy Award. 

Almost immediately after she won the honors, a large number of individuals took to X to express their happiness over her victory. 

Additionally, a number of people referred to her as a "superstar" and stated that this victory is "well deserved." 

Taylor Swift won her fourth Grammy for 'Midnights.' She now has more top Grammy victories than Frank Sinatra, Paul Simon, and Stevie Wonder. 


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