Lionel Messi, the star of Inter Miami, is already shredding MLS records

It appears that the Argentine will break multiple single-season records during his first complete season in the United States.  

To put it mildly, Lionel Messi will have left his mark on the record books when he finally hangs up his boots  

During his tenure at Barcelona, Messi essentially destroyed everything that came before him  

Obviously, the record books from Inter Miami and MLS are far older.  

In comparison to its European counterparts, the league is still in its infancy  

while compared to Barcelona, Miami is essentially a newborn. Their records are still being written and none are particularly set in stone.

He's less than a year into his Miami career, but Messi is already taking down MLS marks left and right.

The Argentine is destroying all in his path to start this season, and he's showing no signs of stopping.

On current pace, Messi looks set to challenge some of the league's top marks, and while nothing is guaranteed

It seems like MLS' record books are being rewritten before our very eyes by a player that's no stranger to rewriting them.


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