LeBron James Responds to Colin Cowherd's Criticism of the Lakers Coaching Candidate  

LeBron James, the standout player for the Los Angeles Lakers, felt compelled to respond to Colin Cowherd's criticism of his co-host on the "Mind the Game" podcast, JJ Redick, who is reportedly a candidate for Darvin Ham's coaching position.  

On Fox Sports' "The Herd with Colin Cowherd," Cowherd expressed her disapproval of JJ Redick's "backward hat." "I kept staring at the cap and didn't hear a word LeBron said.  

JJ Redick is applying to be a head coach in the NBA. He appears to be the type of person who will move my furniture.  

James responded to Redick's statement from Cowherd's video on X, formerly Twitter, with pictures of Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith and Dallas Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd in news conferences with their caps on backwards.  

Cowherd was all over Redick's basketball acumen, even though he did not appreciate his casual look at his podcast with James.  

"Dude, you're not going to be a high-level executive or a coach," Cowherd told JJ directly. "It's okay, you guys can push back. My show, my opinion. I just detest the appearance.  

When it comes to basketball, he's among the smartest men in the planet. He's so multilayered, really. He's Hollywood's Christopher Nolan. He's directing from a distinct perspective.  

Basketball is being discussed by JJ Redick on a separate plane. Observe this man [who is wearing his hat backward].  


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