Joker 2 cost $200 million, whereas the original cost $60 million.

The year's most anticipated sequel is "Joker: Folie a Deux," nicknamed "Joker 2." 

Joaquin Phoenix returns as the Clown Prince of Crime in this Todd Phillips film.   

Lady Gaga adds star power to this sequel as Harley Quinn.   

However, star power and production value are expensive  

Given that the original "Joker" cost less than $60 million, the sequel's $200 million budget is astounding.  

Variety reports that "Folie a Deux" cost "about" $200 million.   

Phoenix received $20 million and Gaga, who made $12 million in "A Star Is Born."   

Phillips' return as writer and director is expected to earn him a hefty pay, though the sum was not given.  

That contributed to the $140 million rise, but not entirely.  

Warner Bros. may feel comfortable spending large on the sequel because the first "Joker" grossed $1.07 billion worldwide and remains the highest-grossing R-rated film.  


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