John Wick Ignoring This Studio Criticism Saved Keanu Reeves' $1 Billion Movie Franchise From Disaster

Not taking studio criticism too seriously paid off for John Wick, preventing the $1 billion Keanu Reeves film franchise from becoming a complete failure.

 Since its inception in 2014, the John Wick series has grown substantially, even expanding its television roots

While only the major John Wick films have contributed to the franchise's commercial success,

the John Wick universe has enormous potential and promises to produce other deserving successors, such as Ballerina, in the future.

Many elements and actions may have led to the success of the John Wick films, but if not for one creative decision  

This creative decision was made after the studio became dissatisfied with the original John Wick film's narrative direction.  

 Fortunately, rather than agreeing with the studio's viewpoints, the people behind John Wick remained true to their vision.

The loss of John Wick's dog serves as a powerful catalyst for the events that unfold throughout the franchise.


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