Jerry Jones bought a $250M yacht that’s bigger than a football field

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has already made a significant amount of money, even though it is still unclear whether the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl this year. 

The superyacht known as Project Bravo, which is owned by Oceanco, has received a staggering $250 million deposit from the rich industrialist. 

A football field is longer than the vessel, which is 357 feet (119 yards) in length. It is equipped with not one but two helipads, a garage for storing smaller boats, a Jet ski, a fitness center, and a comprehensive spa that includes a massage area and a sauna. 

A sum of money that is very astounding. There is so much wealth that we are able to take certain things for granted, such as the fact that we have heard that he spent $250 million on a yacht. However, this is not a typical boat; rather, it is the most extraordinary of all super yachts. 

Jones is said to have purchased the enormous Oceanco Bravo, which measures 109 meters (119 yards) in length and features two helipads, a full-size gym, a sauna, and a garage that can accommodate smaller boats, as reported by CBS Dallas. 

When your yacht is so large that it requires boats to access it, you know you've already achieved the rank of an elite yacht. 

It is the kind of thing that a villainous James Bond character, or Jerry Jones, would have. It is stated by Charter World that the enormous vessel has the capacity to accommodate fourteen guests and calls for a crew of thirty. 

Allow that to sink in for a moment: in order to run this thing, it takes more than two personnel for each individual guest.  


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