Jelly Roll Sued by Pennsylvania Wedding Band Jellyroll over Alleged Trademark Infringement

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Legal representation for Kurt L. Titchenell asserts that he has been performing under the name Jellyroll since 1980,   

which is four years prior to the birth of country music sensation Jelly Roll.  

Sponge cake filled with sweet filling and folded into a jelly roll. It's the name of a well-known country artist and the subject of a trademark infringement lawsuit filed by a Pennsylvania wedding band.  

The legal team representing Kurt L. Titchenell, a member of the band Jelly Roll (real name Jason Bradley DeFord), has petitioned a federal court for a restraining order against Jelly Roll,   

stating that the group originally used the name in the 1980s, registered a trademark in 2010, and renewed the paperwork in 2019.  

Jellyroll has allegedly been performing at "celebratory and charitable events" around the Northeast and the Delaware Valley "since at least 1980."  

Two concerts featuring the band were allegedly held "at the White House for President George W. Bush and his family," according to the lawsuit.  

Jelly Roll was born in 1984, and he has mentioned that his mom gave him his stage name when he was little.   


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