Jason Statham's Next Movie Could Become The Franchise Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher Failed To Be

Jason Statham's forthcoming action thriller reunites him with David Ayer, who directed The Beekeeper,  

so it has the potential to become the franchise that Tom Cruise's Jack Reacher was not. Jason Statham's action franchises are having a successful run.  

he Expendables 4 may have bombed, but Fast X and Meg 2: The Trench both performed well in 2023.  

The star also had a big hit with The Beekeeper, a pulpy action thriller that was a surprise critical and economic triumph, and a sequel is in the works.  

His next project is Levon's Trade, which is based on Chuck Dixon's novel of the same title. Ayer will also direct the project, and Sylvester Stallone, Statham's Expendables co-star, wrote the screenplay.  

There are over ten books in Dixon's Levon Cade series, therefore the film has a high franchise potential.  

The announcement that Tom Cruise would play Jack Reacher in the 2012 film of the same name sparked fury among book aficionados.  

Cruise is hardly the huge 6-foot, 5-inch monster from Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels, and while he captured the character's spirit, the physicality was lacking.   


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