Jalen Brunson Called ‘Traitor’ by Philly Fans for $100M Knicks Deal, Spares Josh Hart Hilariously 

Watching your favourite player join another team is devastating. Most fans cope, but some lash out.  

Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart had a similar podcast chat when a Philly fan criticised Brunson for joining the Knicks.  

On a recent edition of The Roommate's Show, Jalen Brunson was reminded that a fan dubbed him a traitor for signing with the Knicks instead of the 76ers.  

Brunson described a scenario when a waiter called Josh Hart a traitor during lunch. The New York Knicks guard quickly explained why he chose NY over Philly.  

As Jalen Brunson stated, the 76ers declined to sign him. The Knicks had given him a contract as the 76ers considered signing Villanova's product.  

Before the 2022-23 NBA season, Jalen Brunson signed a 4-year/$104 million Knicks contract. At the time, any player would have signed with the team immediately.  

Also funny was that Josh Hart was seated there and the waiter didn't even see him. Hart joined the waiter in calling Brunson a traitor. Since Brunson was putting 40 pieces on the 76ers nightly, Hart wasn't criticised.  

Jalen Brunson graduated from Villanova, 12 miles west of Philadelphia. Given his city experience, the 6'2 guard would have been a wonderful match for the 76ers.  


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