Ja Morant Makes Big Announcement 

Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies' outstanding point guard, has announced the launch of Twelve Time AAU, his new youth basketball programme.   

On February 10th and 11th, Twelve Time AAU hosted tryouts for their 6th and 7th grade girls teams,   

as well as their 6th and 7th grade boys teams, and the players that made those teams have been announced.   

Morant announced the rosters for his first three AAU teams on his Twelve Time AAU Instagram account, and they comprise 34 different athletes.   

This is a fantastic honour for all of the athletes picked to play for Morant's AAU squad, and it will undoubtedly be an interesting programme to watch.   

This has been a difficult year for Morant, highlighted by his suspensions and season-ending injuries, but the Grizzlies star has done an excellent job of staying upbeat.   

Morant has had a significant impact on his club even from the bench, and he has spent a lot of time with the Grizzlies.   

Even while he was sitting on the bench, Morant was able to make a substantial contribution to his team, and he has spent a large amount of time with the Grizzlies.     


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