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Ja Morant Is Dating 40 Year Old Ex-Girlfriend Of Drake Johanna Leia

A large number of young men in the NBA have recently made the decision to pursue women who are older and more seasoned.  

As for Ja Morant, he's decided to satisfy his virility by pursuing Johanna Leia, a 40-year-old man.  

Amari Bailey, a UCLA recruit, has a mother named Leia who had an affair with rapper Drake.  

Their relationship was brief, but it began when Bailey befriended Drake, and it ended when Drake decided to live with his mom for six months.  

Leia, who has dated several athletes and artists, is reportedly seeing Ja Morant, a point guard for the Memphis Grizzlies, who is 22 years old, according to a source who spoke with Awesemo.  

Reports have surfaced linking Ja Morant to Johanna Leia, who is 40 years old.   

She is the mother of Amar Bailey, a high school basketball star, in case you were  

wondering. Those who enjoy Ja's tea will enjoy this one. She just followed him on Instagram, and he has been liking all of her photos.  


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