Ja Morant Gives Generous Gift to College Basketball Team

The Memphis Grizzlies' Ja Morant is presently serving a 25-game suspension for "conduct detrimental to the league."  

Except he had previously been suspended two months prior for displaying a pistol during a broadcast. But beyond that one detail, how could he have known?  

The point is that Morant has just gotten into trouble, and his public image has suffered as a result. However,  

the road to atonement begins where it all began for him: Murray State University, where Morant was once a student.  

According to Sports Illustrated, Ja Morant paid visits to his old mater's basketball squad. And he didn't arrive empty-handed.  

No, hold on. That sounds like yet another firearm. We need to be clear: it was not. Morant's only "fire" was some totally lit kicks! And you can't get a 25-game penalty for giving away sneakers.  

According to the article, Morant "gifted the entire program Nike Ja-1s." Morant provided the women's and men's teams with the expensive pairs of shoes,  

soaking tribute to the college and community that helped him develop his skills. For their part,   

the Murray State Racers regard Morant as "the best player who came out of college,"  

therefore his return to campus was an uplifting occasion for these young players.  


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