It's official: Caitlin Clark is the most popular player in college basketball this year.

Caitlin Clark dominates college basketball popularity this season. 

She's identified as an NCAA athlete by 47% overall, 60% among sports fans, and 69% among college sports fans. 

Among 10 named players, Clark's recognition is more than double that of any other athlete. 

 She surpasses the top men's player in name recognition by fourfold.  Clark's recognition stands at 44% among the general population.

 LSU's Angel Reese trails in second place at 18% recognition.  Among sports fans, Clark's recognition climbs to 58%.

Caitlin Clark is college basketball's top star this season.Clark identified by 47% in Seton Hall Sports Poll.

Recognition among sports fans reaches 60%. 69% recognition among college sports fans.

Clark's recognition peaks at 65% among NCAA fans. 


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