Is Aaron Rodgers a candidate for the United States Vice President?

Aaron Rodgers, a former quarterback for California, has gained notoriety in recent years, and last week he expanded on his career story.

According to the New York Times, Rodgers was approached by controversial independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to be his running partner.

According to two people familiar with the discussions, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has recently approached former Minnesota governor and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura as well as NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers about running alongside him on an independent presidential ticket.

Both players have accepted the approach.

On Tuesday, Mr. Kennedy affirmed that the two men ranked highest on his list.

The individuals with knowledge of the talks stated that Mr. Kennedy is still thinking about a shortlist of possible candidates, even though it is unclear if either has received an official offer for the position.

Mr. Kennedy stated that he had been in contact with Mr. Ventura ever since the former governor introduced him at a campaign event in Arizona last month, and that he had been chatting with Mr. Rodgers "pretty continuously" over the past month.

A request for response from Mr. Rodgers's representative was not immediately answered.


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