Iowa Sports Writer Under Fire for Caitlin Clark Joke After WNBA Debut

Iowa writer is under fire for his joke about Caitlin Clark after her WNBA debut, but he made it clear that he wasn’t slamming Clark – it was sarcasm. 

On X, writer David Eickholt wrote, "Her shot mechanics suck." He uploaded a video posted by the Indiana Fever of Clark  

The Fever's video caption read: "Caitlin Clark shakes off the defender and buries her fourth."   

The post had 1.4 million impressions and triggered a wave of anger before people realized he was joking and defending Clark with irony.  

Eickholt was actually attacking another writer, Doug Gottlieb, who had previously criticized Clark, according to The Spun.  

The author made it apparent that his post was sarcastic. "Oh my god— people are actually taking this serious," he wrote in an email.  

In the replies, some people took the joke seriously and were critical. “*breaks every D-1 scoring record* but hey her shot form sucks huh?” wrote one. 

Another person defended Eickholt, writing, “I don’t think the majority of the country outside of Iowa knows you are a fan of iowa lol. It was an honest mistake by him.” 


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