Curved Dotted Line
Curved Dotted Line

Instantly identify the exam cheater in this picture puzzle IQ test!  

Picture puzzles challenge readers' critical thinking and problem-solving.  

These obstacles may promote intelligence and concentration.  

Most photo puzzles involve discovering a mistake, cracking a code, or finding a concealed object.  

Regularly tackling such problems improves problem-solving and mental fitness.  

It is possible to view three pupils taking an examination in the examination room, as depicted in the image that was just provided.  

During the test, one of the students is cheating, and the goal for the readers is to identify the cheater within the allotted time frame of five seconds. 

Your ability to pay close attention to detail will be put to the ultimate test by this brain teaser puzzle.  

Take a look at the picture and examine it in great detail.  


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