“I got blessed with my teammates,” 100T Boostio after winning VCT Americas Stage 1

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

The first stage playoffs of the VCT Americas were won by 100 Thieves.  

We spoke with the team's IGL, Kelden "Boostio" Pupello, after they swept G2 Esports.  

During our conversation, he shared his thoughts on 100 Thieves, his triumphant  

By this point, he had earned all the light roots, armor sets, Sage's Wills, and Yiga schematics.   

In my defense, I believe I've been claiming the split is complete, Boostio. At this event,   

we demonstrated that we are the superior squad. Additionally, I tweeted that we will return to the Grand Final and defeat them by a score of 3 to 0.   

Since our performance in the Upper Final was absolutely disgraceful.   

And I believe we demonstrated it. Everyone everybody came out today with the goal of winning.  


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