Meet The Crystal-Loving L.A. Nail Artist Behind Julia Roberts' Mystical Mani

 Online trolls often attack celebrities, but social media allows them to respond, and we get to see.

  An example: Homecoming star Julia Roberts responded professionally to criticism of her "ugly black nail polish". 

  "It is in a fact a navy nail polish with garnets [sic] crystals as a grounding accent," he said.

 "To change your comment from 'ugly black nail paint' to unattractive navy polish with garnet crystals.

 Roberts showed she's a fan of mystical nail art and can manage herself as a rookie Instagrammer (she joined five months ago).

 Naturally, we had to find the gem-applier who adorned her somber navy nails. Meet Mazz Hanna.

 You may recognize her as L.A.'s Crystal Healing Manicure creator.

  She has done manicures for Greta Gerwig, Constance Wu, and Selma Blair, and most of them use crystals for healing.

 "Crystals help my clients feel at ease," adds. "It piques their curiosity and puts them in a place that makes them feel comfortable to ask what they need to.


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