Grizzlies’ Ja Morant losing out on $40M after not being named All-NBA

Wednesday was Decision Day for Grizzlies standout guard Ja Morant, with $40 million riding on the outcome.  

Morant needs to be named All-NBA in order for his deal from last summer to be upgraded to supermax status.  

But this did not happen. 

Morant did not make any of the three All-NBA teams revealed on Wednesday, despite averaging 25 points, seven rebounds, seven assists,   

and two steals per game this season for a Grizzlies club that finished second in the West for the second consecutive year.  

Morant's performance on the court was not a concern this season.  

Morant's off-court issues, particularly his eight-game suspension late in the season for displaying a gun in a Colorado nightclub, are likely to have cost him a large contract.  

Morant will still receive the highest contract in Grizzlies history: five years and $194 million.  


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