Grizzlies All-Star Reveals How Team Changed Without Ja Morant

When compared to other teams in the NBA, the Memphis Grizzlies had the most difficult season in terms of dealing with injuries.  

It may be said that they had the most injury-plagued season in the history of the National Basketball Association.   

Only nine games were played by Ja Morant, and it was a year in which everyone had to make adjustments to their playing strategies.  

On the episode of Inside the NBA that Jaren Jackson Jr. appeared as a guest, he discussed the ways in which the Grizzlies have evolved this season without the availability of Ja Morant.  

Jackson reflected, "That is a credit to the coach." "Helping me to feel more confident. I want to convey to everyone that this is the truth about our circumstance, but that we should make the most of it.  

It is important for young men to go out and acquire themselves a contract and to make themselves known.   

I have a lot of responsibility, and it came with turnovers, but he is not pulling me away from the game; rather,  

he is allowing me to determine how I feel about it. The ball is in my hands a lot. I'm bringing it up because I think it's wonderful.  

The Memphis Grizzlies need to remember what it was like to struggle in order to learn one of the most valuable lessons that they can take away from this season.   


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