From now until May 31, here are three zodiac signs that have triumphed over adversity.  

Curved Dotted Line
Curved Dotted Line

This May, we want a fresh start, but some of us may feel frustrated because things aren't moving fast enough.  

Expectations make us ask too much. It's wonderful to expect results, but this month's transits remind us we're not in charge.   

We follow universal law, so if the cosmos doesn't move, neither will we.  

Patience will be discussed at this point. We may compare ourselves to others.  

We may ask, 'Why do they have all that?' while asking why they have less.  

Aries, May will be not entirely bad for you, but there will be tough days. What you do with those days might make the month a mess or teach you some great lessons. This month gets sloppy for you from the start, and it's up to you to interpret your life to aid you.  

1. Arie

Taurus season makes you like yourself and your connection. You're still you, so you dive too deep into the relationship and find things you didn't want. Even if your partner says they don't have anything to hide, you'll pry too hard and find out.  

2. Cancer

First, Leo, you have only a few hard days in May 2024, which you can handle. Pluto is active in May, and while you like to think you're all about change and advancement, you're not when pressed into action.  

3. Leo


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