Draymond Green Makes Big Announcement

Draymond Green, the Golden State Warriors' standout, has one of the most successful NBA player podcasts.  

Green, one of the first NBA players to embrace player-led media, paved the path for several other NBA players to launch their own shows.  

Green said on Sunday that his longtime teammate Klay Thompson will be joining him on The Draymond Green Show for the first time, which he has been striving to obtain for quite some time.  

While Thompson is not very active in the media, he is one of the most entertaining players in the league when he does interviews,  

so this should be a fun episode with him and Green.   

Green and Thompson, longtime teammates, definitely have some wonderful stories to tell after winning four titles together.  

The Warriors are amid a frustrating season that will land them in the play-in tournament, but some improved play in recent weeks has them optimistic about their chances at advancing to the playoffs. 

While it will be a stressful finish to the season for Warriors fans, this podcast episode with Green and Thompson is something fun to look forward to.


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