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Drake trolled GoFundMe over Kendrick dispute, company wipes fundraisers  

Drake fired the next volley in his Kendrick Lamar war, but fans—trolls—may get the final say by going to GoFundMe to humiliate him and profit from his rap demise, which the firm is closing.  

As the rap dust settles -- most commentators agree Kendrick won -- folks online are still having a field day with all the back-and-forth between these two hip-hop heavyweights, and some are even heading to GFM to make a buck.  

Many people started bogus GoFundMe projects in the past 24 hours... Many are fundraising for Drake's metaphorical burial. He lost the 2024 rap war if you buy.  

We admit that some of these fake fundraiser titles are funny. A "Support Kendrick Lamar's Studio Time for the Ultimate Diss T;"  

"Join the Love Fund for Drake's Send-Off;" "RIP Drake(champagnepapi): Fans Unite in Grief"...  

These GFM pages may seem absurd, but the jokesters were raising actual money, with targets ranging from $10,000 to $616,000, a play on Kendrick's "6:16 in L.A." diss tune.  

Fortunately, GoFundMe caught the pranksters before they raised a dime. 

A company official tells TMZ... "We are monitoring the site for comparable fundraiser starts and will remove any not allowed by the receiver.   


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