Dennis Schröder Explains Why He Rejected Lucrative 2021 LA Extension

Dennis Schröder, a two-time Los Angeles Lakers point guard,

told Yahoo Sports' Jake Fischer that his representatives (who have since been fired) advised him to reject LA's 2021 four-season, $84 million contract extension offer.

He went shopping but found little. He switched to Boston and signed a $5.9 million, one-year deal.

The 6'3" guard was traded midseason to the Houston Rockets, and Boston soon turned its season around, reaching the 2022 NBA Finals and losing to the Golden State Warriors in six games.

After an inconsistent 2021-22, he signed a minimum deal to return to LA, 

where he rapidly recovered his free agent worth as a key element of a Western Conference Finals-bound core,

often finishing games ahead of D'Angelo Russell due to his perimeter point-of-attack defense. He signed a two-year, $25.4 million contract with the Raptors this summer but was traded to the Nets. 

The new money is better than his initial offer three seasons later, but he missed out on significant coin betting on himself that summer.


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